How should I get rid of mold once I have it?

All visible mold growth should be removed from the indoor environment as quickly as possible. Removing the mold is more important than killing it. As we mentioned in the previous section, dead mold spores can cause the same health problems as live, growing mold.

You can clean light mold growth yourself (while using the proper personal protective equipment, including eye protection, gloves, and dust masks), without consulting a professional remediation contractor. Cleaning methods should include an antifungal detergent and light abrasion to remove all fungal growth. Eagle Indoor Air can advise you if this approach works for your particular situation.

If the area of mold growth is greater than ten square feet, or if the growth has invaded porous building materials such as drywall, a professional mold remediation contractor should be consulted. 

Keep in mind that mold growth is a symptom of a moisture problem. You can clean it up, but unless you address the source of the moisture, the mold growth will return. Some moisture problems are easy to diagnose, but often a detailed investigation is needed to uncover the more subtle mechanisms that can cause mold growth.